All for Freedom

June 2014

Conference for Democratic Change in Iran

Paris, France. Frmr PM Campbell was a featured speaker at the recent Conference for Democratic Change in Iran. Speakers from all over the world came to participate in the conference, which is held every year in June. In her speech Ms. Campbell harkened back to her experience in Soviet Studies to say that none of the experts knew when the Soviet Union would fall and the same could be true for Iran. She also referred to a recent article written by Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird, which pointed out that President Rouhani has NOT kept the promises he made when he assumed office a year ago. Ms. Campbell noted that many had been hopeful when Rouhani had taken office... that perhaps he might usher in new democratic reforms. Unfortunately, he has not lived up to those hopes. "So much for being the Iranian Gorbachev" said Ms. Campbell.

Ms. Campbell concluded her speech by saying, "Pay attention. Be brave. Be ready. We'll be there with you."

Learn more about the conference here.

Topic(s): Democracy Development

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