Gender and Power Keynote at the Shantou Dialogues

December 2006

Shantou Dialogues 2006 - Part III

Former Prime Minister and Secretary General of the Club de Madrid Kim Campbell delivered a keynote address at the Shantou Dialogues on December 8, 2006.  The Shantou Dialogues brought together think-tanks from around the world with think-tanks and research institutes in China. At a time when the importance of China is axiomatic, there are still insufficient opportunities for think-tanks and research institutes to share knowledge and experience with their global counterparts. The Shantou Dialogues, which is the first such “think-tank” event to be held within mainland China, aims to provide a crucial forum where dialogue can take place.

Topic(s): Gender & Power

©Copyright Shantou Dialogues ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

©Copyright Shantou Dialogues ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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