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As Canada's first and only female Prime Minister, Kim Campbell's life has been a life of firsts. From the age of 16, when she became the first female student body president of her high school, until 30 years later, as the 19th Prime Minister of Canada, Ms. Campbell has spent much of her life breaking barriers for women. She served at all three levels of government in Canada. After leaving politics she served as the Canadian Consul General in Los Angeles, then taught at the Harvard Kennedy School, after which she became an international leader of leaders with organizations such as the International Women's Forum and the Club de Madrid. Drawing on her extraordinary experience as an academic and a leader, she served as the Founding Principal of the Peter Lougheed Leadership College at the University of Alberta from 2014–2018.

Holding audiences since the age of ten, Ms. Campbell speaks widely on issues related to leadership, international politics, democratization, climate change, gender, and Canadian/American relations addressing audiences in places such as Kyiv, Dubai, Cordoba, Toronto, Berlin, Ulaanbaata, Prague, Brussels, Paris, Vancouver, London, Beijing, Seoul, Washington, DC, and Ottawa.

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The event was on May 7th, 2023, and I, along with other influential speakers, shared our ideas about this year's theme: Purpose.

The live event was held at the Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre in Whistler. The TEDx Whistler Team then worked to make the talks available, to everyone, online. 

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Set in Stone

Kim Campbell inspires... not only as the first female prime minister of Canada, but as an example of a practioner of a leadership style often termed "interactive". Her statue titled, "Could I have a moment" on the Castle Kilbride Prime Ministers Path brings that style to mind. The arms of the life-sized bronze likeness are open as if to welcome one into a conversation. Perhaps it reinacts so many of the discussions key to Campbell passing a record amount of legislation as justice minster. The artists Darren Byers and Fred Harrison took pains to sculpt the features accurately as well. At the unveiling in Wilmot Township on June 28, 2018, Harrison brought a clay replica of the statue's head to explain more about their process. At the event a greeting from Campbell, who was unable to attend in person, complimented the work and touted the the project as "ambitious" and a "wonderful contribution to the arts and the artistic landscape" of the area. She went on to predict that it would help observers to consider the democratic values of Canada, and she shared her wish that it "inspire many conversations with the imaginative ways" the artists "rendered the subjects."

NOTE: read more about Campbell's style of leadership in her own words in her article for the University of Alberta's New Trail magazine.

An Icon Then. An Icon Now. An Icon Always.

The YWCA Metro Vancouver Women of Distinction Awards honored Right Honourable Kim Campbell as the recipient of the 2018 Icon Award. Selected internally by the YWCA, the Icon Award recognizes an extraordinary woman for her achievements throughout her lifetime.

Lifetime Acheivement

Right Honourable Kim Campbell was honored to receive the Lifetime Acheivement Award from UBC's Peter A Allard [School of Law] Alumni Association.

Ms. Campbell also recieved the Global Woman of Vision Lifetime Acheivement Award. Learn more about the awards and the other remarkable women honored at this annual event by visiting the Global Woman of Vision website.














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"All of Us"


As one of the founders of the Sing "All of Us" campaign, Former Prime Minister Campbell was thrilled when the legislation passed to officially change the national anthem to replace the line "in all they sons command" with "in all of us command". Here is her interview with Public Radio International about the change to the anthem lyrics.

Discussing Women in Politics with Anne McLellan





























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Happy Canada Day and Canada's 150th












Canada Day 1993: Prime Minister Campbell with school children in Newfoundland during her cross-country tour that day.

Athenex IPO

On June 14, 2017 Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell was proud to join her fellow Board of Directors members at the Nasdaq closing bell to celebrate the Initial Public Offering of Athenex common stock. Athenex is a global biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of novel therapies for the treatment of cancer. The company's shares are now traded on The NASDAQ Global Select Market under the ticker symbol "ATNX."













Photography by Christopher Galluzzo / Nasdaq, Inc.

Canada 150 Symposium

The Senate recently convened a symposium during which experts on the state of Canada took "stock of where the 150-year-old country has come from and where it’s going". Ms. Campbell spoke during the session titled, "Gender Equality: A Reachable, Important Objective."

Inspiring Leaders of Tomorrow

Inspired Senior Living Magazine features Ms. Campbell on their April, 2017 cover. In the article, Campbell explains more about her political career, her work founding the Peter Lougheed Leadership College, and her thoughts on the subject of leadership.

"When I was in Parliament, one of my colleagues said, ‘Oh, I think you are a born leader.’ I don’t know whether it was that I was born with particular skills of leadership or whether I always just felt a sense of responsibility. If there was some work that needed doing, and nobody else seemed to want to do it, I would always say, ‘Well, I’ll do it.’ I would just step forward to make it happen.”


4th Edition of Time and Chance Available on Kindle

Kim Campbell's service as Canada's first female prime minister marks only one of the many firsts that make up her dynamic career spanning media, academia, law, government, and world leadership. Since leaving politics, she has moved onto the international stage, but in this candid, revealing memoir, Kim Campbell takes you through her exciting and extraordinary political career, the challenges she met, the issues she tackled. You meet the politicians who were her friends, her enemies, and sometimes both as she forged her way in the rough-and-tumble world of politics at all three levels of Canadian government.

How did this hardworking, intensely shy woman become a political phenomenon who broke ground for a generation of women? From the age of 16 when Kim Campbell became the first female student body president of her high school, until 30 years later as the 19th Prime Minister of Canada, her determination and wit helped her battle stereotypes. This remarkable portrait provides an important look at the unique experience of one woman in the political arena, the price Kim Campbell paid, and the rewards she reaped for her principles, her vision, and her achievements.


Daughters of the Vote

On March 8, 2017, International Women's DayFormer Prime Minister Kim Campbell delivered the keynote speech to Equal Voice's Daughters of the Vote, an historic event which brought young women from every province to fill all the seats in the House of Commons. Following Ms. Campbell's speech, the delegates made brief empassioned speeches about the issues that concern them.

Learn more about this historic event HERE.

Kim Campbell addressing Daughters of the Vote










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