Global Leadership

Profound insights delivered with a touch of spice

From a very early age, Avril [Kim] Campbell was drawn to both public service and center stage. As a girl of ten growing up in Canada's British Columbia, Kim was discovered by producers searching the Vancouver schools for a plucky young reporter to host the "Junior TV Club". A natural with a microphone, quick-witted Campbell followed up her television debut with another type of public engagement--one that would set the pace for her penchant for the unprecedented--and became the first female Student Council President of her high school.


Currently, Canada's First Female Prime Minister's main focus is serving as the Founding Principal of the University of Alberta's Peter Lougheed Leadership College, which launched in the fall of 2015. This endeavor calls on her unique experience as a leader and an academic in order to establish a world-class interdisciplinary leadership program for undergraduates.

Previous to her appointment at the University of Alberta, Ms. Campbell spent most of her time in the US and abroad engaged in issues of governance and leadership. In addition to speaking engagements all over the world for which she is known to deliver profound perspectives and often humorous insights--she consulted with businesses and NGO's. She is widely regarded as a thoughtleader on global issues like democracy promotion, governance and globalization, non-proliferation and climate change.

Kim Campbell is sought after for her depth as well as her breadth of knowledge, particularly in the areas of leadership, gender issues, and democratization. Below is a sample of her involvement in global initiatives.

 Current Leadership Positions Include:

Kim Campbell was educated at the University of British Columbia (BA, 1969, LLB, 1983) and the London School of Economics (Doctoral studies in Soviet Government, ABD, 1970-73) where she's now an Honorary Fellow. She holds several honorary doctorates.


“Kim Campbell ... has the rare gift of presenting very complex issues in an accessible style without ever diminishing the power of the ideas and importance of the concepts she is presenting. ”
Nancy R. Smith
Director of Initiatives, Salzburg Global Seminar