Women Gaining an Equal Voice

April 2009

Equal Voice/Canadian Club EVE Awards - Part III

On April 30, 2009, Equal Voice honored Kim Campbell with the EVE Award in recognition of her achievements in political life.  Equal Voice is a national non-profit comprising women and men who are deeply concerned about Canadian politics and have formed a multi-partisan, non-profit organization devoted to the still-bold idea that more women must be elected to every level of government in Canada. Their mission is to promote the election of more women to all levels of Government and, ultimately, change the face of Canadian politics.

“Kim Campbell has achieved what no other woman has in politics in this country,” said Donna Dasko, Equal Voice National Chair. “We want to honor her achievements, to hear her words of wisdom and to introduce her to a new generation of young women who will be the future Prime Ministers of Canada."
Ms. Campbell's speech at the Awards luncheon brought up several issues such as gender quotas in politics.

Topic(s): Gender & Power

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