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Campbell Helps Launch the [Ukrainian] Foundation for Effective Governance

December 6, 2007

Photo courtesy of FEG

Kiev, Ukraine. Kim Campbell spoke on December 6, 2007 at the launch of the Foundation for Effective Governance, an initiative by Ukrainian business man, Rinat Akhmetov. The Foundation’s objective is to improve the standard of living of each Ukrainian citizen and is focused on developing and implementing long-term projects and programs which encourage economic growth in Ukraine. The Foundation will also initiate public discussion of the important issues concerning Ukraine’s economic growth. To achieve these goals, the Foundation will attract leading Ukrainian and international experts with proven experience, strong expertise, and excellent reputations. The Foundation’s budget, provided by the founder, will amount to $50m over five years (up to 2012).

According to Rinat Akhmetov, the Foundation for Effective Governance has been established to contribute to Ukraine’s economic growth and to make its economy more competitive with Europe and globally. “I think nobody doubts that the country needs reforms to achieve economic growth. But reform is a complex and sometimes painful process. And this process must be managed effectively”, he said. “For this reason, we will invite the leading Ukrainian and international experts who have experience of implementing successful economic development programs in other countries to participate”.

The presentation was hosted by Rinat Akhmetov and included presentations from: Natalya Izosimova, Managing Director of the Foundation for Effective Governance; Kim Campbell (ex-Prime-minister of Canada), Board Chair of the Foundation for Effective Governance; Shimon Peres, President of Israel (video address); Margareta Drzeniek Hanouz, Associate Director and Senior Economist of Global Competitiveness at the World Economic Forum (Davos); and Hernando de Soto, President of the Institute of Liberty and Democracy, former Chairman of the Central Bank of Peru.

The presentation featured the rational for the creation of the Foundation, its mission and management principles; its approach to project and partner selection, and its current projects. The members of the Board of Trustees were also introduced including the Chair, Kim Campbell, and members: György Surányi, Lincoln Chafee, Pierre Defraigne, Tracy McKibben and Ihor Mitiukov. The major goal of the Board of Trustees is to ensure the Foundation works to its mission and principles. The Board will take an active part in building the Foundation’s strategy and selecting programs, as well as assessing the Foundation’s performance.

Campbell co-hosts International Women Leaders Global Security Summit

November 15, 2007

Photo courtesy of the Council of Women World Leaders

New York, USA. Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell co-hosted the International Women Leaders Global Security Summit with H.E. Mary Robinson, President of Ireland (1990-97) November 15-17, 2007.  The groundbreaking Summit brought together 68 women leaders from 36 countries. The participants represent both government and intergovernmental sectors including heads of state and government, high-level ministers, representatives from the European Union and United Nations and civil society sector leaders of non-governmental and grassroots organizations. Security experts, moderators, authors, facilitators, philanthropic observers and event staff also contributed to the Summit.

The Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands, in partnership with The White House Project, the Council of Women World Leaders and the Women Leaders Intercultural Forum of Realizing Rights: The Ethical Globalization Initiative, launched the International Women Leaders Global Security Initiative in October 2006. This initiative ran through June 2008 and aimed to bring the perspectives and voices of global women leaders to the international discourse on security. As part of the initiative, the International Women Leaders Global Security Summit (IWLGSS) was held on November 15-17, 2007 in New York City.

Summit Honorary Co-Chairs
The Right Honourable Helen Clark, Prime Minister, New Zealand
Her Excellency Tarja Halonen, President, Finland
Her Excellency Emily Saidy de Jongh-Elhage, Prime Minister, Netherlands Antilles
The Most Honourable Portia Simpson Miller, Prime Minister, Jamaica
Her Excellency Dr. Vaira Vike-Freiberga, President, Latvia (1999-2007)

Click here to learn more about the summit and see the attachment below for the full Summit Report.

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Campbell speaks at Vital Voices of Eurasia Summit

October 16, 2007

Photo courtesy of Vital Voices

Kiev, Ukraine. Right Honourable Kim Campbell delivered a keynote address at the Vital Voices of Eurasia: A Leadership Summit for Women & Girls held in Kyiv, Ukraine on October 14-18, 2007 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of a landmark Vital Voices gathering of women leaders from Central & Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union, which was held in Vienna, Austria in July 1997. The Summit celebrated the progress women have made in the region by recognizing the critical role that women play in moving their societies forward socially, politically and economically. It also acknowledged the challenges women face and explored strategies to help them overcome obstacles and achieve greater success. 200 women from 31 countries in Central & Eastern Europe and Central Asia were nominated and hand selected to create a new network of emerging and established Eurasian women leaders to discuss key issues in business, government and civil society, share best practices for promoting positive change and put a spotlight on lessons learned over the past decade.

To read a blog entry about Ms. Campbell's speech, click here.

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Campbell at Forum 2000

October 7, 2007

Photo courtesy of Forum 2000

Prague, Czech Republic. October 7 - 9, 2007 Kim Campbell participated again this year in the Forum 2000 Conference.  This year's main theme was Freedom and Responsibility in Politics, International law, Media, and Business.

Click here to see a transcript of some of Ms. Campbell's comments.

The Forum 2000 was founded in 1996 as a joint initiative of the Czech President Václav Havel, Japanese philanthropist Yohei Sasakawa, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Elie Wiesel.

The Forum 2000 Conferences and other events organized by the Forum 2000 Foundation are held in Prague, Czech Republic. Since 1997, Forum 2000 has organized eleven annual conferences which have attracted a number of prominent thought leaders, Nobel laureates, former and acting politicians, business leaders and other individuals, whose common denominative is experience with bearing responsibility. H.R.H. Prince Hassan bin Talal, Yohei Sasakawa, Frederik Willem de Klerk, Bill Clinton, Oscar Arias Sánchez, H.H. the Dalai Lama, Hans Küng, Shimon Peres, Mario Soares, Hana Suchocká, Sergey Kovalyov, Jorge Castaneda, Madeleine Albright, and Wole Soyinka are just a few of those who have attended the Forum 2000 events.

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Kim Campbell at UNCTAD

October 1, 2007

Photo courtesy of UNCTAD

Geneva, Switzerland.  Kim Campbell spoke at the Fifty-fourth session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development on behalf of the Club de Madrid.  Ms. Campbell spoke during the High-level Segment: Globalization and Inclusive Development.  To learn more about the conference visit the UNCTAD website or see the programme and summary in the document below.

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CdM Mission to Sierra Leone

May 28, 2007

Photo courtesy of the Club de Madrid

Freetown, Sierra Leone. Club of Madrid Members Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell, former Prime Minister of Canada, and Sir Ketumile Masire, former President of Botswana lead the first mission to Sierra Leone May 28 - June 1, 2007.   The mission was a part of the Club de Madrid's African Women Leaders Project and The Hon. Dora Byamukama, former Member of Parliament of Uganda and current Member of the East African Legislative Assembly, also participated in the delegation as an expert.

The aim of the mission was to strengthen female leadership, build greater public confidence in women political leaders and expand women’s political participation in Sierra Leone. The delegation met with over 250 people representing a cross-section of leaders, both individuals and groups, in Sierra Leone.

The team met with civil society groups, political and civic leaders, female government ministers, political party executives, former and present female parliamentarians, political aspirants and government officials, as well as traditional leaders, town and district councillors and journalists in Freetown. 

Club of Madrid Members shared their experiences and learned about Sierra Leone through the exchange of ideas that followed. Sierra Leonean women that attended were bold, articulate, and extremely eager to learn. The delegation members were impressed with the commitment of the government, political leaders and the women and men of Sierra Leone towards greater participation of women in the political life of the country. They commended these efforts while encouraging them to do more.

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Campbell Joins GLCA

May 22, 2007

Photo courtesy of Club de Madrid Gro Brundtland and Kim Campbell

Madrid, Spain. Former Prime Minister and Club de Madrid Member Kim Campbell joined the Global Leadership for Climate Action Initiative, which met for the first time on May 22-23, 2007 in Madrid, and discussed the issues involved in creating a new international agreement. In addition, the GLCA issued a statement to the G8+5 just prior to the June 2007 meeting in Heiligendamm, Germany, which addressed the urgent need for a climate change response.

The Global Leadership for Climate Action (GLCA) is a task force of world leaders committed to addressing climate change through international negotiations. A joint initiative of the UN Foundation and the Club of Madrid, the GLCA consists of former heads of state and government as well as leaders from business, government and civil society from more than 20 countries.

 Visit GLCA to learn more and see the attachment below for the intial recommendations issued by the GLCA.

2007_GLCA_FRAMEWORK_PROPOSALenglish.pdf1.32 MB

Barcelona Conference

March 12, 2007

Barcelona, Spain. Former Prime Minister Campbell participated in a conference sponsored by the Club de Madrid, the National Democratic Institute and Casa Asia. Ms. Campbell spoke on the following panels.

MONDAY, MARCH 12: Western Experiences of Women Leaders
CdM members explain their experiences as women rising to leadership positions, obstacles and how they overcame them, best ways to promote women's leadership and participation in public life from a position of power, and best practices and worst experiences.
DISCUSSION: Political leadership experience in Iran and the western world: radical differences or unrecognized similarities?
PANELISTS: Jennifer Shipley (Frmr PM of New Zealand), Mary Robsinson (Frmr Pres of Ireland), Kim Campbell (Frmr PM of Canada)
MODERATOR: Lionel Jospin (Frmr PM of France)

TUESDAY, MARCH 13: How Male Leaders Can Promote and Increase Women's Participation in Public Life
How male leaders became sensitive to women's issues and promoted their participation in positions of power; obstacles they encountered etc.
DISCUSSION: How to increase the awareness of the benefits of women in public life. How to convince and give incentives to male leaders and society in general to care about women's participation.
PANELISTS: Lionel Jospin (Frmr PM of France), Kim Campbell (Frmr PM of Canada), Kjell Magne Bondevik (Frmr PM of Norway).
MODERATOR: Les Campbell (Senior Associate and Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa NDI)