Recent Appearances

Campbell speaks at PROBUS Club of South Edmonton

April 26, 2016

Edmonton, Canada. Ms. Campbell spoke to the PROBUS Club of South Edmonton, which is a Rotary sponsored club for retired and semi-retired persons who meet monthly for education and fellowship. Ms. Campbell's speech focused on leadership and the skills necesary to be an effective leader and explained more about the Peter Lougheed Leadership College of which she is the Founding Principal.

100th Anniversary of the Women's Vote in Saskatchewan

March 14, 2016

Photo courtesy of the Ofc of Lt Gov of SK.

Regina, Canada. At the invitation of Lt Gov Vaughn Solomon Schofield, Ms. Campbell spoke at a celebration of the anniversary of *women winning the right to vote in Saskatchewan.

*Aboriginal women did not obtain the right to vote until much later in the century.

Former Premier Bill Bennett Celebration of Life

January 31, 2016

Kelowna, Canada. Ms. Campbell participated in the Celebration of Life for Former BC Premier Bill Bennett. Campbell had served as the Executive Director of the Premier's office in 1985-1986. She spoke fondly of how much she learned from working with such an outstanding leader.

Women Leaders and Students Celebrating “100th Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote”

January 28, 2016

Winnipeg, Manitoba. At the invitation of Lt. Gov. Janice Filmore, Ms. Campbell spoke to school children at the Manitoba Museum about Canadian *women winning the right to vote and hold office 100 years ago.

*Aboriginal women did not obtain the right to vote until much later in the century.

It Started in Manitoba and Why it Matters Today

January 27, 2016

Winnipeg, Manitoba. 100 years ago, Manitoba lead the way by granting Canadian *women suffrage. To mark the occasion, Frmr PM Campbell spoke at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. In her speech, she lauded the achievements of the extraordinary women who successfully campaigned for the vote as well as the right to hold office, and spoke of her own experiences as a woman who was able to break new ground.

Learn more about the Canadian Musueum for Human Rights on their website.

*Aboriginal women did not obtain the right to vote until much later in the century.