Kim Campbell


August 2013

National Geographic / Lindblad Expeditions

The Northwest Passage, Iceland & Greenland

Greenland/Canada. Serving as a Global Perspectives Guest Speaker for Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic, Kim Campbell embarked from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland and enjoyed the two-week cruise that explored Baffin Island, and Newfoundland & Labrador. Campbell delivered two speeches: one focused on climate change and the other introducing guests to Canada and in particular, the areas they were visiting.

Topic(s): Climate Change

July 2013

cpac's Beyond Politics

Former Prime Minister Campbell

Check out Catherine Clark's interview, which not only covers what Ms. Campbell is doing now, but looks back at some of her influences, as well as her prespectives on life and politics.

Beyond Politics

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© cpac 20

March 2013

CTV News

2013 International Women's Day

CTV News invited Ms. Campbell to speak about the state of the issue of the Advancement of Women. Bottom line: "It's a mixed bag." There are changes happening, but in many parts of the world, women are seen as property. You can watch the video HERE ON THE GLOBE AND MAIL WEBSITE.

Watch the video here

Topic(s): Gender & Power

March 2013

Global News: The West Block

Prime Ministerial Debrief

On a recent trip to Canada, Frmr PM Campbell was interviewed by The West Block's Tom Clark. Topics discussed included the Canadian Senate and Canada's place in the world.

Unfortunately, we don't have the video file to post here in our video player, but you can watch the video HERE.

Topic(s): Politics: US & Canadian

February 2013

UN Commission on Social Development

CdM's Shared Societies Project

In collaboration with the Division for Social Policy and Development (UNDESA), the Club de Madrid organized a side-event at the 2013 UN Commision for Social Development. Kim Campbell, former Prime Minister of Canada and Member of the Club de Madrid addressed the issue "Global Shared Societies Agenda: a model framework for promoting long-term inclusive and sustainable growth through economic empowerment"

Unfortunately, we don't have the video posted here in our video player, but you can watch the video HERE

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February 2013

Fifty-First Session of the Commission for Social Development


PM Campbell recently moderated a panel discussion of the Fifty-First Session of the Commission for Social Development. The panel focused on the topic of promoting empowerment of people in achieving poverty eradication, social integration and full employment and decent work for all. To learn more about the commission, visit the UNDESA website.












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