Kim Campbell


November 2015

Lougheed College Lecture 2015

Frmr PM Campbell's Intro of Dr. Carol Tavris

Edmonton, Canada. Ms. Campbell wasn't able to be at the Nov 2, 2015 Lougheed College Lecture, and so she recorded a video introduction for the speaker, eminent social psychologist Dr. Carol Tavris, author of Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me).

Special thanks to videographer: Jobey Wills.

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November 2015

Eighth World Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy

Opening Session: Empowering Civil Society for Democracy and Its Renewal

Seoul, Korea. Former Prime Minister Kim Campbell rounded out her term as chair by presiding over the Eighth World Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy, the title of which was, "Empowering Civil Society for Democracy and Its Renewal."

(Ms. Campbell's comments are from the beginning to 3:51.)


Topic(s): Democracy Development

October 2015

Unification Media Group 10th Anniversary

Congratulations Unificiation Media Group

Seoul, Korea. While Ms. Campbell was in Korea for the Korea Forum for Global Peace and the World Movement for Democracy's World Assembly, Ms. Campbell was asked by the Unification Media Group to record a message on the occasion of their 10th anniversary.

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September 2015

Kim Campbell's 2015 Lougheed College Lecture

Why Do We Lead?

Monday, September 14, 2015 Founding Principal of the Peter Lougheed Leadership College (PLLC), Kim Campbell,  delivered the first Lougheed College Lecture at the Timms Centre at the University of Alberta. It marked the first public event of the inaugural semester of the PLLC. Check out the schedule for future lectures and RSVP at UAB.CA/PLLC.


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August 2015

PLLC Orientation - Banff Centre

Lougheed College Orientation

Just prior to the start of the 2015/2016 academic year, the Peter Lougheed Leadership College, headed by Ms. Campbell, went to the Banff Centre for their inaugural orientation.

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June 2015

Univ of AB Faculty of Ext.: 2015 Access and Privacy Conf

Fundamental Building Blocks for a Healthy Democracy: A Prime Minister's Perspective

The University of Alberta's Faculty of Extension's Information Access and Privacy Keynote Address: "Fundamental Building Blocks for a Healthy Democracy: A Prime Minister's Perspective"

Topic(s): Politics: US & Canadian

April 2015

UofA Brian Harder Day Conference

Psychology: What Leaders Need to Know

Edmonton, Canada. Ms. Campbell spoke at the annual Brian Harder Honours Day Conference convened by the Department of Psychology of the University of Alberta. Ms. Campbell's speech, titled, "Psychology: What Leaders Need to Know" was about how useful Psycological research can be for leaders.

Psychology: What Leaders Need to Know by Kim Campbell (Brian Harder Conference Keynote 2015)

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March 2015

U of A Ctr for Const Studies Conf on Senate Reform

Time for Boldness

Edmonton, Canada. Ms. Campbell delivered the opening keynote address to the University of Alberta Centre for Constitutional Studies Time for Boldness on Senate Reform Conference. Ms. Campbell spoke about her experiences as a minister in Brian Mulroney's cabinet as well as her time as prime minister. She spoke about how her [Progressive Conservative] party, which of course was in power at the time, interacted with the Senate as they were proposing the free trade agreement with the US, as well as the Goods and Services Tax.


Topic(s): Politics: US & Canadian

March 2015

Lougheed Leadership Network Future Focus session

Accommodating a Plurality of Interests and Needs and Getting Diversity to Work

Banff, Canada. Ms. Campbell attended an interesting gathering of diverse thought leaders to explore and identify challenges, requirements, and opportunities for the future of leadership and leadership development at the Peter Lougheed Leadership Institute at Banff Centre and beyond. Learn more about it HERE.

As you know Campbell is the Founding Principal of the Peter Lougheed Leadership College at the University of Alberta. The college and the institute are each one half of the Peter Lougheed Initiative which aims to leverage the respective strengths of these two organizations to create one of the preeminent leadership and learning opportunities in the world.


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March 2015

NCRI Women - Int'l Women's Day

Speaking in Berlin about Iran, Gender and Leadership

Berlin, Germany. Frmr PM Campbell was a featured speaker at a conference convened by the National Council Resistance of Iran (NCRI) Women's Committee on the eve of International Women's Day 2015. Over 50 prominent political, social, cultural and religious figures from Germany, the US, Europe and Muslim countries spoke. Ms. Campbell's speech focused on her experience breaking down barriers as a female leader and how social science shows that including women in leadership and decision-making processes makes for better outcomes.

Topic(s): Gender & Power

March 2015

Peter Lougheed Leadership College

Recruiting the Inaugural Class of Peter Lougheed Leadership Students

Exciting times for us at the Peter Lougheed Leadership College (PLLC)! We are recruiting for the inaugural class of students that will begin their leadership studies in the fall of 2015.

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